Coffee Grounds in the Garden

I thought I would share another way to use those left over coffee grounds. Since the weather here in southern California is so dry, the plants in my yard often lack the needed nutrients to bloom when they are in season. I decided to add used coffee grounds into the soil to see if it would help.

Photo By: Quinn Dombrowski (Coffee grounds in the garden)

In past years, the orange tree would not give much fruit, if any. This year, I have been able to pick bags of juicy oranges for me and my family. Used coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which is important for the roots of plants since it helps them take in proteins and water. The important factor in adding the used grounds to the soil of your plants is to make sure that you add them into the soil and not just on top of the ground.

Photo By: Me (Orange tree in my backyard)

This is a good way to help your gardens stay green, especially if you live in a dry location like myself.



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