How Coffee is Good for Your Tummy

Photo by: waferboard
Photo by: waferboard

Drinking coffee is a daily routine for many people. It has its usual benefits like giving you that extra energy boost needed to go through the day, but there are benefits that are overlooked. I’m going to get very real right now. Other than helping you conquer your daily tasks, coffee helps your tummy do the same thing. Manhattan Gastroenterology’s article talks about coffee being a natural laxative and when your tummy needs help getting things going, coffee is there to save the day.

I’ll admit that visiting the little girls room has become weirdly important to me. Let me explain without getting too off topic. A recent surgery to fix a problem in my tummy area has left my digestive system all crazy, but I have discovered that a cup o’ joe a day fixes me right up.

Keeping tabs on our visits to the bathroom is pretty important. Visiting it too often or not enough can reveal a lot about our overall health. An article on Everyday Health gets into more detail about what is normal and what is not, but I am going to get back our dear friend, cup o’ joe.

There are many studies about coffee and its effects on the body. All you have to do is type in the word “coffee” into the google search bar and you will see an overwhelming amount of results. We are all different, so the way that your body reacts to coffee will be different than my own. So, I will let the experts’ research and findings lead this one. According to Dr. Mercola, doing too much of anything may not be beneficial to the body, so drinking too much coffee can actually have negative impacts. Less than four cups of coffee is the way to go. Moderation is key. Regular coffee drinkers know how it feels when we have had one cup too many. The sudden anxiety and shakiness are the sign that we have gone too far.

Quick! Think about how many cups you drink a day. Now think about how much sugar it takes to sweeten that up. It adds up quickly, and we all know that too much sugar is not good for our bodies. There are ways to drink coffee without overwhelming amounts of sugar. For example, I find that pairing a black coffee with a good food is a great way to get my morning started. There are foods that pair beautifully with certain coffees, but that is a totally different topic for another day. You can have a black coffee paired with a hot buttery croissant for breakfast, for example.

Until you find your favorite combination of food and coffee, have fun experimenting. There will always be something new to try.

Sip on.


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